Gulfport Energy Corporation

General Contractor: 
RBA Architects
Flooring Features: 
EMSER Cream Honed Marble 12X24, Taupe Honed Marble 12X24, Chemistry Grey 2X2, Strands Twilight Mosaic, and Strands Oyster Mosaic. SHAW Color At work - Achromatic Charcoal, Duotones, and Saturate. ARMSTRONG Performance Plus wood floor.

One of the most impressive new buildings in OKC is Gulfport Energy Corporation's new six-story, $30 million office building designed by RBA Architects and constructed by Flintco.   The design and materials reflect the company's purpose and its values, beginning with a glass tower on one corner that features LED lighting affixed to internal X-bracing, like the illumination on oil derricks. 

The interior of the lobby displays massive, 20 ft. columns of rich black and gold marble, hinting of the “black gold” for which the company explores beneath the earth.  The spacious office building also includes a staff restaurant-buffet, a complete fitness center and a high-tech auditorium, totaling some 27,640 sq. ft. 

The use of neutral creams, grays and taupes is consistent with the company's focus on conservative operations and its contemporary approach to exploration, geology and engineering. 

Some 85 percent of the materials throughout the building are made of stone that, like oil and gas, is extracted from the ground and gives a very solid feel throughout. The flooring and walls in the entry area and hallways are Emser Cream Honed Marble 12" X 24".  Emser Taupe Honed Marble 12" X 24" was also installed in the open areas, bathrooms, and wide corridors.

Emser Chemistry Grey 2" X 2" ceramic covers the floors in the fitness center locker room showers.  Daltile's stacked stone in soft shades of gray is on the walls in the restaurant and, along with the large glass windows on the adjacent side, creates a serene outdoor-like setting for employees.  Employees are also offered healthy meals and snacks, with educational health messages on wall mounted TV's and small table signs in the dining room.

Contrasting glass and metal bands of Emser Strands Twilight Mosaic and Oyster Mosaic accent the walls and in the restrooms and locker rooms.  Glass tile backsplashes highlight the conference room and restaurant buffets. 

A project with 85 percent large plank stone flooring and walls is unusual, compared to the more frequent use of ceramic. Stone requires highly skilled installers to set it so there is no lippage. Bentley Flooring is proud of our team of in-house, experienced installers, who can expertly handle any challenge that comes their way.

It is such an honor to work with the high quality designs of RBA Architects and get to see this magnificent building and working environment come to life. 




Robert Trawick