St. Benedict Catholic Church, Shawnee, OK

General Contractor: 
Anderson House
MA+ Architecture
Flooring Features: 
Emser, Alaskan Matte, Michigan polished, Maine Matte, and Boulevard, Paulista. Emser Lucente Stone Blends, Servolo, Zanfirico, Dal, Kinoma Silk, Waterchestnut,
The new 7,000 sq ft. addition to the historic St. Benedict Catholic Church, includes a vestibule or entry area, a baptistery of Bottcino marble slab and Emser Lucente Stone & Glass Blends, a large gathering room for church events and both men’s and women’s bathrooms.  

The gathering room floor called for six different colors of 12 x 24 and 12 x 12 pietre porcelain tiles in soft whites, beiges and browns in a series of rectangular designs with a dramatic contrasting dark brown border following the angles of the walls. The bathroom floors featured Dal Kinoma silk waterchestnut in 2 x 24 tiles and 12 x 24, and the walls were Dal Elemental Tan 3 x 6.

The most challenging aspect of the project was the on-site fabrication of the marble baptistery. The concrete and plumbing for the water circulation were in place, but all pieces of the marble baptistery and its two mosaic water bowls had to be hand crafted to fit.  Especially daunting was the hand-cut straight indention around the bottom of the marble base.

In addition, installers had to prepare the floors to the point that the maximum allowable variation was 1/8 “ in 10 feet. 

The white and beige mosaic blends in the water bowls and inside the baptistery repeated the whites and beiges of the floors with stunning, contrasting black mosaic tile on the bottom, creating the feeling of depth and awe.

Robert Traywick